Assorted Pre-made Coils

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Demon Killer Assorted Pre-made Coils
– Clapton Coil 0.85ohm 6pcs
– Mix Twisted Coil 0.45ohm 6pcs
– Hive Coil 0.50ohm 6pcs
– Quad Coil 0.36ohm 6pcs
– Flat Twested Coil 0.36ohm 6pcs
– Alien Clapton Coil 0.45ohm 6pcs
– Fused Clapton coil 0.45ohm 6pcs
– Tiger Coil 0.36ohm 6Pcs

Assorted Pre-made Coils”1reveiw

  1. 2nd time to order and as usual super fast delivery! Recommended to those who wants to find the perfect coil, just like me. :-) Great Item!!


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