P170~P250 (inc)
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Hive 1.5M P170.00
Alien P170.00 × Inquery
SS316L Clapton 26Gx30G P170.00 × Inquery
Clapton 26Gx32G 1.5m P170.00 × Inquery
SS316L Fused Twisted Clapton 28G core P180.00
Fused Twisted Clapton 26G core P180.00
Prebuild SS316L FUSED TWISTED CLAPTON P250.00 × Inquery
Prebuild SS316L Alien P250.00 × Inquery

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Cate: Accessories / FRANKEN WIRES / Item / Recomend / wire

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FRANKEN WIRES Kanthal Clapton – 26G CORE SS316L FUSED TWISTED CLAPTON – 26G CORE – 28G CORE SS316L CLAPTON – 24G CORE – 26G CORE SS316L HIVE 28G+28G*2 SS316L Alien 0.3*0.8+32 1.5M Prebuild coil 10Pcs – SS316L FUSED TWISTED CLAPTON 0.5ohm – SS316L Alien 0.5ohm

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