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Comparable taste and feeling to a paper cigarette with a 6-7mg Tar.

1 Pack Contains (20 heatsticks)


This is a full flavored Marlboro tobacco blend heatstick. The revolutionary ‘heat not burn’ system gives you that instant nicotine rush while not imparting any of that nasty tar or those harmful carcinogens that are contained in cigarette smoke.

For the ultimate satisfaction with an extremely reduced risk, there is no better option than the iQOS system with genuine Marlboro Heatsticks. Come to where the flavor is. Come to Marlboro country.

Marlboro Heatsticks – Regular is has the closest taste to paper tobacco.
Has the most tobacco feeling among the four flavor of Marlboro Heatsticks.
Those who are puffing Red Marlboro, Mevius, Lucky Strike,  etc, I think that this flavor will suit you.

However, I think that some people feel it seems a little unsatisfactory by comparing it with paper cigarettes at the beginning. If you get used to it, there is no sense of incompatibility, but it is also recommended to start with menthol.



Recommended for people who likes this!

  • Those who are using red tobacco
  • Those who want to emphasize the tobacco feeling

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