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MANGO GRAHAM(MAX VG) by Pastry Vapor

– Layers of sweetened cream, tangy thin slices of mango and graham crackers blended to perfection

Mangoes are generally sweet, although the taste and texture of the flesh varies across cultivars; some have a soft, pulpy texture similar to an overripe plum, while others are firmer, like a cantaloupe or avocado, and some may have a fibrous texture.

Graham flour is a form of whole wheat flour. It is named after it’s inventor SylvesterGraham, a forerunner of the health food movement. … The bran and germ layers are returned and mixed in, resulting in a coarse, brown flour with a nutty and slightly sweet flavor.


Artificial & Natural Flavor Concentrates, Sweetener, Nicotine(USA), Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin

VG/PG: 80/20

Nicotine level: 3mg

Bottle Type/Size: Gorilla Bottle/50ml



Made in the Philippines

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