Samsung 25R

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18650 25R Legit

Samsung 25R Legit”2reviews

  1. Delivery is fast.

    Battery is decent but unsatisfying.
    I have a 1 year old Sony 2100mah VTC4 and upon comparing it to this newly purchased Samsung 25r, my old Sony still last longer. I am not sure if I got a brand new since it doesn’t have a seal that you can guarantee. Upon using this Samsung 25r for almost 4 days, it is very disappointing since I cannot believe it that my old Sony 2100mah VTC4 still last longer than this Samsung 2500mah 25r.

    My normal built is 0.6ohm – 0.7ohm coil running in 16-18watts which is around 3.3v-3.5v only. Using a Kangertech Subox Mini.

    I just hope this battery is not a fake.


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